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We are proud to introduce to you the products of “GNP GRUPE” produced in the country of Georgia.

Our company represents various types of high quality Georgian traditional products from natural Georgian fruits and vegetables. Mainly, we offer high-quality natural water, juices, jams, preserved jams, sauces, spices and seasoning , compotes, crisps, ajika, mineral/spring water, national sweet Churchkela, dried fruits, freeze-dried fruits, pickles, salads, tea, lemonade, frozen semi finished products, wine. We are an official representative and exporters of producers/manufacturers of Georgian brands in EU countries. All of them are certified by the international certificates of ISO, IFS or HASSP.

Our main goal is to bring natural Georgian products to the Europe market, especially now when Georgia and the EU have signed the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area agreement (DCFTA). As you might be aware the Agreement regulates conditions and liberalization of customs fees for bilateral trade of products. It means that companies are free to pay customs tax, which helps us to make best price.

Agricultural products grown in Georgia have always differed with high taste quality, which was due to the climatic conditions in the country. We can assure you that our products are one of the best products on the market. These products have their grasp on the overseas market also and have a very good reputation. Our products are receiving positive feedback in the market. We also offer several innovative and exclusive products which you can find in our website.